GutterShutter FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of the common questions customers ask below. If your question isn’t answered here, please give our gutter installation contractors in Cincinnati a call at 937.741.4300 or email fill out our form for more information.

GutterShutter is a fully covered system that keeps all debris out of your gutters. There are no vertical openings for water or clogging debris to enter, and no screens, inserts or filters that could become clogged. Rainwater flows over and around the nose of the GutterShutter flow reducer hood by the simple physical law of water surface tension. It’s similar to the way water clings to the side of a glass when it’s poured. This non-clogging system gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will no longer be putting anyone’s health or safety at risk by having them climb a ladder to clean your gutters. Your fascia board is also protected against additional rotting as the exclusive high-back system ensures the whole board is covered in aluminum. If you’re looking for a clogged gutter solution for your Cincinnati home, contact our team.

The steeper the roof, the better GutterShutter performs! The funny thing about roofs is that the steeper they get, the less water they typically catch. A flat roof catches all of the rain that falls over it. As you begin to tilt a flat roof upward, angling its surface to the rain, you reduce the surface area that can hold water and increase the total amount of rain to be handled by the gutter. The steeper the roof, the faster the water flows. Luckily, our Cincinnati based gutter installation contractors have found that the speed at which water flows has no effect on how GutterShutter performs.

The GutterShutter system has been designed and tested to handle the heaviest rainfalls. Both the 5” and the 6” hood have exclusive flow reducers that slow the water coming off your roof. However, it’s the principle of surface tension that keeps the water flowing into the gutter. Surface tension isn’t affected by the amount or speed of the water flowing, so even in the heaviest rainfalls, GutterShutter will still work smoothly.

When it comes to covered gutters, one-piece designs simply don’t make sense. Because the top and bottom are made in one piece, if either piece gets damaged, they’ll both need to be replaced. And because the top isn’t removable, it’s very hard to clean or service the gutter if necessary.

The newest state-of-the-art integrated gutter systems use a two-piece technology. The top is a separate piece that can be replaced if damaged without replacing the seamless gutter trough. One type uses a snap on hood, but snap on hoods can be easily damaged or blown off in high winds. GutterShutter’s two-piece design secures the separate hood to the bracket and trough using our patented end caps. The secured hood is very strong, so it won’t be blown off by the wind while still allowing easy access if service is ever needed.

It’s more likely, over time, that your old gutters will cost as much as 10 times their value in home repairs due to poor design. It simply doesn’t make sense to keep them! Companies selling products that rely on using your old gutters want you to believe that you’re going to save a lot of money through a lower initial cost. The truth is, you can install a complete GutterShutter system for a similar cost, then rely on our lifetime guarantee to ensure they stay in great shape!

The GutterShutter system is made with 0.032 thick aluminum—the thickest aluminum used for residential application. Placing a ladder or other similar device against the GutterShutter system is not a problem.

Our Cincinnati based gutter installation contractors attach GutterShutter directly to the fascia board, in no way interfering with the roof.

Because the method of attachment is the most important part of any gutter system, the GutterShutter system attaches to the home using our unique, patent pending Gutter Stud: the heart of the system. Unlike typical systems that use an inexpensive plastic or glass filled polypropylene bracket, the Gutter Stud is made mostly from a virgin nylon material which will not shift or break down because of weather conditions. The brackets secure the system to the fascia using only two 3-inch galvanized screws—no nails or rivets—with brackets spaced every 24 inches on the board in a vertical fashion, ensuring permanent attachment to the home. Installation procedures are the utmost importance, so GutterShutter uses factory-trained installers who have plenty of experience installing our leaf and debris-free systems.

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