The Importance of Gutter Covers and How They Can Keep You Safe

Gutters on home

Gutters are the unsung heroes that protect nearly every building and everything important under their roofs. While it’s a well-known fact that they’re fantastic tools for collecting and redirecting rainwater, their work to keep homeowners and their properties safe often goes overlooked. Without gutters, a home is highly susceptible to elemental damage, and without gutter covers, the gutters themselves are vulnerable to deterioration. Here are some of the most essential benefits of gutter covers and why we believe they add an extra level of protection that is just as necessary as the gutters themselves:

Maintain Structural Integrity – Potential damage to your roofing and siding can linger over your head with uncovered gutters. Gutter covers prevent water from flooding your channels and freezing during the cold months, which prevents unforeseen cracking, stripping from the siding, and overhead hazards.

Prevent Debris and Pests – Gutter covers are designed to only allow water to flow through your gutters. Pests and debris, such as leaves and twigs, are unable to enter your gutter channels with gutter covers, thus preventing your gutters from failing. Consequently, this further protects your home from water damage.

Eliminate Injury, Bills, and Hassles – Clearing your gutters of debris is a dangerous chore, and if you’re not doing it, chances are you’re paying someone else to do so. Gutter covers eradicate the need for regular gutter cleaning, as debris never has an opportunity to enter the gutters, thus saving you time and money while keeping you safe from the unnecessary risk of climbing a ladder or getting up on your roof to clean your gutters.

Gutters are vital to the integrity of any building, and gutter covers are crucial to preserving their performance and longevity. While installing separate gutter covers to your existing gutter setup is always an option, Gutter Solutions Tri-State is proud to offer an all-in-one solution. The GutterShutter System’s design consists of a gutter with a built-in gutter cover, providing the absolute best of the benefits both mechanisms offer. Get in touch with us today for your free estimate and enjoy the protection of a covered gutter system that’s also fully backed by a lifetime warranty!