The Difference Between Gutters: Gutter Shield vs. Gutter Covers

There’s a common misconception that gutters are simply devices attached to the outside of every building and that they serve various purposes. What is that purpose, exactly? Gutters are essential to the protection of a building because they work to divert water safely off the roof and away from the foundation, preventing water damage to the building and its foundation. Most people do know it’s important to clean their gutters, an unpleasant task that most homeowners or business owners try to avoid, put off, or delegate. A great way to keep your gutter system clean and working optimally—and avoid climbing up a rickety ladder and dealing with rotten leaves and who knows what else—is to use a gutter shield or a gutter cover. But what’s the difference, and how do these systems work exactly? While they are similar in the functions they perform, their methods of achieving results are slightly different.

Gutter Shields
Gutter shields are flat devices, like filters, that work by completely covering the channel, allowing only water to flow into the gutter system. Though they can come as single, customized units combined with a drain, they are often found as attachments that can be installed on any preexisting gutter apparatus. While gutter shields are commendable additions to any gutter system, they are prone to allowing precipitation to pour over them, bypassing the gutter entirely, which can cause damage to the fascia board of the roof, leading to wood rot. Additionally, their design, in many cases, has shown to allow debris to enter the gutter from the inside of the channel.

Gutter Covers
Gutter covers are designed to garner similar results as gutter shields but vary in how they do so. Rather than being a level structure, they are curved panels that slant downward into the channel, encouraging debris to roll off the side of the house and water to descend into the gutter system. When they work as intended, gutter covers enhance your gutters adequately. Still, unfortunately, they are susceptible to damage and cannot always prevent debris from entering the channel. They reduce the maintenance required on gutters but don’t remove the need for attention entirely.

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